Home & Property Insurance

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Whether it’s an Atlanta house, condo or apartment, our home is the center of our personal universe. It’s where we shelter each night, gather with loved ones and sustain ourselves. Home is where the heart is, the hearth is and everything that we hold dear. So when considering the best way to protect it all, you want to make sure you’ve got every corner covered.

As an independent insurance agency in Atlanta, The Henry Agency is able to partner with multiple insurance companies to offer you the best pricing and coverage for loss due to theft, fire, vandalism or other covered events and, just as importantly, the peace of mind that any claim will be managed with your needs in mind.

 Your coverage options are based on how much you feel secure with, how much you want your deductibles to be and if you want to meet required limits or go beyond them.

Property and Dwelling
Pays to rebuild if your home is destroyed or damaged by an insured event. Make sure your coverage includes reconstruction costs—what it would cost to rebuild with materials of comparable quality.

Personal Liability
Protection if you are to blame for a person or their property being damaged while on your property. Consider the value of your own assets so that they would be covered in the event of a lawsuit.

Medical Payments
Pays if a guest is injured on your property. It does not cover health care costs for members of your own household, however.

Living Expenses
Additional coverage can be secured for the living costs accrued from being displaced or disrupted in the case of damage to your home.

Personal Property Replacement
Replacement costs for damaged household possessions, with special coverage available for irreplaceable items like jewelry and collectibles.

Renter’s Insurance
Can cover personal property losses in a property in which you are a tenant, caused by theft or weather-related events such as fire, storms, lightning, ice and snow. Georgia Renter’s insurance can also cover guests for bodily injury to them or damage to their property.

Flood Insurance
Federal law requires flood insurance in some locations that flood regularly, which is not usually covered in a Georgia homeowner’s insurance policy.

Atlanta is a metro area that can dish out all kinds of variables to those of us who live here. Make sure that your Atlanta home is covered for all the things the weather and other people can bring your way by contacting The Henry Agency today.